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November 20th - December 20th 2020 Streaming Film Programme 


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Kuessipan (12A), 2019 (FFF)

Director: Myriam Verreault , 117 mins.  Canada subtitles.

Streaming from Yourscreen 20 Nov - 20 Dec 2020  Free of charge to TPH Members

Synopsis and Review By Joel Kalkopf
21st August 2020
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Based on the novel of the same name, director Myriam Verreault crucially brings in author Naomi Fonatine as her co-screen writer for her feature debut 'Kuessipan', inviting an authentic and poignant snapshot of the Innu people in the Uashat community of Quebec. The word "Kuessipan" translates as "your turn", referring to the spotlight that shines on this community, and the chance they have to finally tell their stories hence the title Kuessipan.

The Innu community inhabit an area of Quebec, and as the traditional owners of that land, are still known as nomadic hunters and fisherman. With family life a bedrock of hard-working parents, there is an ever-present undertone of harsh realities, but with the delicate and understanding approach from Verreault, it is all endured with a quiet dignity. Verreault takes Fonatine's novel and together they are given unprecedented access to the community, bringing an authenticity as the story unfolds. The Innu voice is ever present, which is so important as it offers a glimpse into their lives without a Colonial perspective. It's a feature that, while seemingly an obvious advantage, is hardly ever utilised for similar films. It means that audiences can enter the world in a respectful manner - which isn't to say the film shies away from the issues, but it does mean that those issues are approached in a confident and dignified way.

This story is of a lifelong friendship between Mikuan (Sharon Ishpatao Fontaine) and Shaniss (Yamie Grégoire), two girls inseparable from a young age, whose commitment to one another is challenged as their lives begin to take different paths. Mikuan is from a loving and supporting family, a family that frequently take in and shelters Shaniss, who is unfortunately from a broken home due to an alcoholic father and a runaway mother.

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